Queue Management Software

Queue Management Signage

Uniconnect Media Queue Management System is a unique call-forward electronic queuing system to free & relax the customers from waiting in line.

Integrating Queue Management and Digital Signage
  • Access the solution & gracefully manage queues from any mobile, tablet or computer, in use by the admin or any sub-user, via Intranet/Internet.
  • Generate customized tokens as per the service to be availed & automatically populate queues at the service counters.
  • Recall no show tokens of customers who may have, for whatsoever reasons, missed their token call earlier.
  • Play any media content like images, videos, etc. suitable for brand promotion, alongside customized queuing data.
  • This allows to obtain user’s confidence and trust, even if waiting time total elimination is impossible: every service needs a while in order to be completed. Nevertheless, queuing users or customers lose their temper when they get bored or when they think they are wasting their time; in these cases, customers usually blame the company that is providing the service for their frustration.
  • With digital signage, people are entertained, letting them perceive a shorter waiting time; furthermore, they are supplied with useful information, aimed to the specific audience and to the service they are waiting for, improving the subsequent interaction with the personnel and making the service itself faster… and, more than everything else, improving the perceived effectiveness of the service and overall satisfaction.