Web Design Trends 2021 and Beyond

January 18, 2021

The website design has changed a lot since the invention of world wide web and 2021 is going to bring a new revolution in website design. The new trends are based on simplicity, uncluttered and visually stunning designs.  

Before you start redesigning an old website or developing a new one, you need to be aware of the latest design trends. So, in the blog post, we explain all the latest website design trends for 2021 and beyond…

When it came to design, we kept an eye on the never ending trends on the web. We put together a comprehensive list of some of the web design trends we expect to see well into 2021. We hope this list not only inspires you, but makes you approach the web in a more inclusive and accessible way.

1. Retro fonts

We’ve seen many old things become cool again, and then in turn become even more uncool. Think handlebar mustaches and mom jeans. Irony has a short shelf life.

Retro fonts have experienced this same ebb and flow in their popularity, and many designs featuring vintage typography haven’t aged well.

However, throwback typography has gone through a bit of a resurgence. We’re not seeing the same tired fonts. Rather, stylization and a bit of artistry are reimagining what retro fonts can be. 

2. Parallax scroll animations

Parallax scroll effects have been a trend in website design for years, and in 2021 we hope to see more subtle and creative explorations of what can be accomplished with parallax. 

Remember that too much movement in parallax effects can be harmful to people with vestibular disorders because the illusion of depth and movement can cause disorientation and dizziness. 

3. Minimalistic Design

Minimalistic Design is the future of web design and it is going to dominate the web design trends in 2021. In simple terms, a design which incorporates very few elements to design an artistic and creative design. The clear focus is to simplify the content and graphics, so the less is more. 

Minimalistic doesn’t always mean simplistic design, it also promotes the removal of unnecessary elements from the design. 

How to design minimalistic:

1. Decide what you want to show the users, based on that limit your resources and focus on consistent design. 

2. List down all the important elements for your website but make sure to remove unnecessary elements. 

3. Limit the number of colors and fonts, finally combine all the elements. 

4. Use of Bot and AI  

Nowadays everything is smart from your mobile phones, TV, watch, etc. then why not make your website smart. The new technologies like Augmented Reality, Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are used to make website user friendly.  

This technology will help developers and designers to create targeted and personalized pages for a user based on their demographics, search history etc. The futuristic website will be designed in such a way that user will be able to interact with the website. 

5. Voice Interface

Voice user interface enables the user to interact with the website using voice commands, this technology will helpful for people with physical disabilities. This is a very new trend, but we are sure in few years voice interface will be on every business website.