Why WordPress Solution is an ideal solution for Start-ups and Entrepreneurs

Why WordPress Solution is an ideal solution for Start-ups and Entrepreneurs

One of the most difficult challenges you can ever do is pitch your new start-up firm. Everything is focused on you and your company. The requirement for a quality website is critical. A website is high on your priority list, but if you can develop one with a web development company, your schedule is so limited that you can’t go through with it. WordPress for start-ups is ideal for creating stunning, cost-effective websites in a relatively short time this would take to construct from scratch. WordPress is indeed the way to go after new businesses.

Any web development company would suggest you make a website using WordPress if your time and money are restricted. According to W3tech, WordPress is being used to create roughly 43% of the world’s websites. WordPress powers the industry’s leaders, including Forbes, Microsoft, Vogue, and others. This blog article will explain why WordPress is an excellent choice for your company, regardless of industry.

Here are some of the critical reasons why iTechnolabs suggest using WordPress for start-ups and entrepreneurs:

1.Reliability is critical 

It has been verified by thousands of expert testers, programmers, and developers. There are several communities of individuals trying this and producing fantastic material. It is unrivalled in terms of content management services. It creates a website using several technologies such as SQL, PHP, and JavaScript. WordPress has been in the business for around ten years, giving solutions to most problems. This is one of the critical reasons for a web development company to suggest WordPress to start-ups.

2.It is free to use

The most significant point is that everyone may use WordPress for free. You only need a Google account and an app to install on the PC to get started. You can now access thousands of primary and customizable templates for building your website. Several free tools enable you to design the finest functional dynamic website possible. Everyone, from the web development company to the client, can benefit from using the graphical user interface. Non-programming experts can use it because it has a drag-and-drop capability to create a gorgeous website.

3.Handles a Variety of Content Types

The WordPress framework supports posts, media, pages, and comments. Depending on your company’s specialization, you may also build several custom post types (CPTs). The iTechnolabs take advantage of this functionality for all their start-up clients with CPTs for goods, numbers, testimonials, services, and more.

4.Simple to Migrate

Many companies that seek assistance from Software development Companies are unclear about the technology and software required for the website and are unwilling to spend money on products they don’t understand. They will also be linked to the application service provider for updates and maintenance. Moving to a new platform after that might be difficult because all your information is normally linked to the prior software.

Fortunately, WordPress is not the case; your data is yours with just a self-hosted WordPress installation. Consequently, you may migrate from WordPress to other platforms while retaining all of your data. There is also a large pool of WordPress knowledge ready to assist you.


The most crucial aspect of creating a website is informing others about it. The more people who visit the website, the higher the sales, interactivity, and popularity. As a result, the website must be SEO-ready. Once the web development company correctly defines the keywords, the task may be delegated to search engine optimization. It would have an algorithm which will draw more viewers and increase income.

6.Mobile responsive

There are times when the website seems differently on a desktop or laptop than it does on a mobile device. Because mobiles are such an essential part of life these days, 80 percent of people exclusively use mobile websites. Thus iTechnolabs suggests that the website needs to be optimized for mobiles as well. If the webpage is not mobile-friendly, users may see less information. WordPress includes JavaScript; thus, when websites are made, they are optimized to be seen on any device, and the content is adjusted accordingly.

7.Best for online shopping

The woo-commerce plugin is an e-commerce website plugin for tracking everything. It provides the possibility to expand its business in areas lacking. There may be components of attracting new consumers or persuading existing buyers to shop more by offering incredible offers.

8.Friendly User Interface

One of the most pleasing aspects of WordPress is its user-friendliness. A user-friendly interface allows you to construct web pages without any coding knowledge. It is the same as using any other word processor tool. When debugging, a rudimentary grasp of coding might be helpful.

9.Additional plugins

With the increasing availability of plugins, you may add many more features. There may be items released that were not previously available, but with the aid of plugins, they may be added in minutes. As per iTechnolabs, plugins provide functions and ensure that the appearance and design orientation may be modified as needed.

10.It is safe

Being secure does not imply that other websites may be readily hacked. However, no other site can equal the degree of security provided by WordPress sites. WordPress is even used to create the Obama Foundation. The central issue of the websites with an extra degree of security is data leakage, and the community monitors for any flaws in the sites so that if any problem develops, it will be resolved within hours.

11.Aids in branding

While the standard WordPress page may look relatively normal, other themes are available. It also gives many customization possibilities for matching the pages to your brand. The configurable panel allows you to change every detail, including colours, logos, and fonts. You may see the changes in preview mode before saving them. WordPress also helps with the online appearance of your brand.

12.Workflow Simplified

WordPress allows you to create various categories of users, each with its capabilities. By assigning suitable user roles, each team member may be allowed varying access levels. If the built-in capabilities are insufficient for your team, users can be established and given the required skills. You can simply control the editing workflow if you run a multi-author blog.


WordPress allows you to build the web presence you need for your company. The Lean Start-up idea mainly relies on WordPress, which will assist you in turning your pastime into a profitable small business. WordPress continues to draw entrepreneurs that want to build successful companies.

Author Bio:   Raman Arora is a blogger and passionate about programming languages, Web Development & Designing, Software Development and Digital marketing. Raman enjoys studying about today’s trending topics and is passionate about writing on all types of Programming languages.


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