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Discover a trusted ally for your email marketing endeavors with our comprehensive management services, featuring a remarkable 99% error-free rate. From crafting assets to providing detailed reports, our seasoned campaign managers offer cost-effective solutions that yield impactful results. Rest assured, we've got your back every step of the way!

Email Marketing Services

Starting email marketing campaign management involves building a clean and targeted list. The goal of list building is to gather contact details from potential buyers and interested website visitors. Businesses typically use these five tactics to construct an email list:

Expanding Your Reach

The initial step in managing an email marketing campaign involves expanding your subscriber base. The goal of list building is to gather the contact information of potential buyers and website visitors interested in your products or services. By continuously optimizing your list-building strategies and leveraging various tactics, you can ensure steady growth and engagement with your audience. Remember, a quality email list is the foundation for successful email marketing campaigns.

Crafting Email Templates

Creating an effective email template involves gathering essential elements such as images, copy, CTA layout, and branding details. Designers then assign fonts and typefaces, followed by crafting the initial draft using visual hierarchy and content blocks. Many Email Service Providers (ESPs) offer drag-and-drop visual email builders for user convenience.

Ensuring Template Quality

Quality assurance (QA) testing for email templates includes tasks like verifying copy and CTA button placement, assessing email responsiveness, and checking for renderability, deliverability, and compliance issues. Litmus is a widely acclaimed tool for email quality assurance. Utilizing advanced analytics and A/B testing, you can further refine your email templates to ensure maximum effectiveness and engagement with your audience.

Segmentation Strategy

List segmentation is an ongoing process throughout your email marketing campaigns. After onboarding contacts, you can gather information about their preferences by analyzing their interactions with your messages. Segmentation allows for targeted and personalized communication with your subscribers.

Email Campaign Management Approach

Asset & Timeline Management

Grasping your campaign objectives and target audience, we collaborate with your team to develop tailored assets.

Campaign Creation & Setup

We carefully select distribution lists, ensure proper segmentation, and schedule campaign activities for optimal performance.

Validation & Scheduling

Implementing post-change email modifications, conducting A/B testing, and selecting the optimal launch time are vital.

Routine Reporting & Analysis

Our thorough analysis helps enhance the effectiveness of your email campaigns and optimize overall performance.


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